My husband works in Norway at an observatory on Andoya, a very northern island. He has been working there for 15 years going over 3-4 times a year but this was my first trip there.
I was insanely lucky with the weather! My husband needs clear skies to get data and it's as rare as it gets, but for two weeks we saw nothing but sunshine.
Please enjoy the photographs, it is one of my favorite shoots ever!
Church in EvenskjerThe Drive to LofotenColors of NorwayCuts of LightSnowy Peak ReflectionLofoten Island ChainCod Heads DryingHello Reine!Cod Bodies DryingAn Avalanche in ReineLate Day SunReine Rorbuer ReflectionLong Shadows at RorbuerReine Rorbuer RowSunburst in Reine BayReflections in Magic HoursView Through the RorbuerGeometryTroll Mountain SuperstarSod Roofed Cabin Matching Mt.