Created 31-Jan-17

This is a place for work that I've done that doesn't have a whole category, look at it as side projects.

In front are some photographs of the Formula One race in Austin from 2015. Despite being a rabid Formula One fan for most of my life I hadn't been to a Formula One race since Watkins Glen in the 70s... which I barely remember. It was a great joy to be near the cars in person, but an even greater one to be there when Lewis Hamilton cinched his 3rd World Championship in Formula One. But MAN did it rain!

Next up is flowers... they fill in my travel portfolios, make cards and well they are just pretty!

Lastly I have some wildlife photographs I have taken. I can't afford the lenses needed for real wildlife photography, but they do wander into my landscapes at times, so I get some shots.
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